About Retail Networks
B2B Retail industry Networking Platform.

About Retail Networks

For over two decades, retailers and industry stakeholders had minimal opportunities to network or co-create relevant content. These were often limited to select annual events, which was insufficient for an industry growing at a rapid pace. While this heightened growth trajectory offered a great opportunity for retail stakeholders and related intermediaries, it also presented them with many challenges. With Retail having gone omni-channel, it was imperative that retail stakeholders would need a platform to have 24x7 networking with the key industry participants wanting to learn about new practices, processes, techniques and technologies that they could adopt to reach higher penetration levels in the emergent retail stratosphere.

As a thought leadership vision, Retail Networks is being modelled to allow smooth interaction amongst industry leaders. As the first of its kind, this B2B retail-focused industry platform will combine the best of physical and digital products across a wide range of functional domains and retail categories. Retail Networks’ key purpose is to ensure that thought leaders in the industry have a focused platform to – Connect, Converse, Collaborate and Co-create.

Why Join Retail Networks?

A must join for all Retail stakeholders seeking engaging thought leadership content. Many media platforms have tried to meet such needs by producing more content, rather than right content.

Retail Networks has been conceptualized as a platform where retail influencers will get access to pertinent content largely around best practices across retail categories and functional areas both domestic and international, which could have a bearing on their business.

Members of Retail Networks can converse with other like-minded thought leaders about the latest developments in the industry and discuss their business decisions while Suppliers across functional areas would be able to showcase their capabilities and engage the retailers.

Retail Networks follows the principle of co-creation and collaboration. Members will be encouraged to actively and creatively participate in the subject-specific content on the network.