Home Technology Tanishq brings AR experience to customers at airport kiosks

Tanishq brings AR experience to customers at airport kiosks

Tanishq brings AR experience to customers at airport kiosks

Tanishq and StyleDotMe launched a virtual jewelry try-on experience zone at Delhi and Bangalore airports. The jewelry brand will host over 200 designs, with this ‘Virtual Try and Buy’ experience, through mirrAR, an augmented reality (AR) based platform.

At the mirrAR experience zones, shoppers get the feel of being in a luxurious dressing room where they can sit and try numerous jewelry pieces from Tanishq, take pictures and immediately share on social media to get feedback from their friends and family. They can also see how the jewelry products look on their person on a larger screen for an intuitive experience without going through the multiple physical trials and thus try out a larger variety in shorter time.

Talking about this project, Deepika Tewari, Associate Vice President, Marketing, Jewelry Division at Titan Company Limited said, “Consumers have the option of browsing through multiple jewelry products virtually with just one click. The real-time customer experience will definitely strengthen the retail connection between the brand and our esteemed consumers; a transformative step on how India will shop and purchase jewelry in the near future.”

StyleDotMe is a fashion tech startup focused on innovative application of AR and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create elevated customer experience, especially in the jewelry industry. Using this platform shoppers can virtually try on a variety of jewelry in real time and then choose what they like best with ease.




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