Home Technology Suzohapp launches CashComplete Connect

Suzohapp launches CashComplete Connect

Suzohapp launches CashComplete Connect

Suzohapp, a global market provider of software and hardware payment management solutions, has introduced CashComplete Connect – Retail Edition. Built specifically for retail payments management, Retail Edition automates the entire retail payment process, from payment acquisition to reconciliation.

It provides real-time visibility, advanced analytics, reconciliation and general ledger integration. Using advanced analytics, Retail Edition arms retailers with timely and actionable information, resulting in optimized in-store and corporate accounting labor productivity, reduced working capital and improved cash shrink due to errors and theft. 

CashComplete Connect – Retail Edition is already operating successfully in the field. One major retailer with hundreds of outlets and thousands of employees worldwide needed a reliable system to give complete visibility to and proactive management of its complex payment operations. After implementing Retail Edition, the retailer realised real-time cashier balancing, remote user management, and general ledger integration.

“Having worked with one of our largest retail customers through the implementation of Retail Edition, I’ve witnessed firsthand what a great investment this is for our customers,” says Ron Partridge, President of Suzohapp Americas. “They’ve realised significant improvements in productivity, significant reduction in shrinkage, real-time visibility into their cash positions across machines and locations, and operations have streamlined their audit functions and reporting processes.”

Suzohapp’s solution offers full integration of hardware, software and back-office systems, bringing all components seamlessly to give users complete visibility of their payment management operations. Retail Edition interfaces with GL systems and is hardware agnostic, allowing retailers to achieve more from their existing investments in hardware and software.

“We understand the cost and complexity that many retailers continue to face in managing their cash and cashless payments,” says Dr. Rory Herriman – Executive Vice President and General Manager of Suzohapp Digital. “These are challenges that cannot be solved through hardware alone. Retail Edition adds the information orchestration and real-time analytics that are necessary for retailers to truly optimise their payment processes.”




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