Home Brand Talk “Stores should offer good display and be able to run the product”

“Stores should offer good display and be able to run the product”

“Stores should offer good display and be able to run the product”

Nisha Kukrejah, Founder and Sachin Kukrejah, Co-Founder Luxaire Fans share their plans to go forward with the brand.

 What was the idea behind Luxaire? Aren’t there too many fan brands already?
The Indian market is overflowing with local brands which are primarily focussed on the mass market commercial fans segment. We identified a clear niche for exclusive original luxury fans which have unique features which as Whisper Quiet Functionality, Summer – Winter Reverse Functionality & Mood lighting apart from its eye-catching design. These features and designs were never seen before in the Indian market and we felt that it was the right time to offer a very discerning audience exactly what they craved for – a very differentiated product offering with international Warranty and huge variety. That is how Luxaire was born.


How have been the eight years since Luxaire’s launch in India?
We have received an overwhelming response from not only individual end-users, but also from the hospitality industry across South East Asia.

 What is your assessment of the luxury fan market in India? According to you, what are the factors propelling growth in this segment?
The Indian consumer is just not satisfied with a plain vanilla offering anymore. This is not only true for the fan Industry, but also across industries. More importantly, the consumer is not shy to spend on super-premium products which also help in differentiating him from the rest of the crowd. That is the niche market which we are targeting and we believe that with a growing economy and a galloping real estate industry, our target audience will only grow and will demand better quality with unique designs. This is exactly what Luxaire offers to the market.

 How are you going to approach the market post-Covid, considering you come under the luxury segment?
It is normal to assume that Luxury Goods sales will decline immediately post COVID. However, we firmly believe that Luxaire will emerge stronger from this event by following the following Game plan:
The aversion to Travel will ensure that our Clients source their requirements locally instead of traveling to destinations such as London, Spain & Italy. We would like to proactively reach out to this audience and also make ourselves more visible to this audience as we can not only supply them with exactly what they need, but we can also offer them international warranties in India. This is a Huge Plus for Luxaire vis-à-vis others who predominantly source from China.

Luxaire would be much more aggressive Online now than ever before, as our Target Segment would prefer not to venture out, at least in the immediate future.

We have also begun the process of revamping our Product Range so as to include more exciting models at comparatively accessible price points so as to cater to a wider audience.

We would be communicating more about our Most Important Differentiator – Ethical Business Dealings! This factor along with our inherent Product strength in Design, Functionality & High Warranty, would ensure that we become the preferred choice of an enlightened audience who aspire only for the very best.

What are the benefits of trade partners associated with Luxaire?
Access to our unique product portfolio of more than 600 unique original luxury fans would be the foremost benefit. We believe in working with one exclusive partner in each city and this gives our trade partners a good catchment area in which to function without any channel conflict. Moreover, we believe in working closely with our partners in the market and dedicate a fixed number of days per quarter towards this effort. The idea is to understand the market closely and to grow together. Ultimately, we also have a separate marketing budget for each of our partners which is a big plus!

 What kind of channel partners are you looking at?
The obvious basic requirement would be to display and promote at least 50 of our best sellers. But the core attribute that we are looking for is the zeal to meet high-end clients and offer them a solution after understanding their requirements. This may sound very basic and simple, but it is in actuality the exact attribute that differentiates our partners from the rest.

Tell us about the product/solution. How did you get your first customer? Explain how you went about the product-market fit process.
Our family has been in the Fan Industry for the last 60 years & this is where we get our domain expertise from. The local commercial Indian brands were just focussed on achieving sales numbers while the value client left in the lurch. We identified this unique lacuna in the market due to our close association with the Fan Industry & then we ventured across the world so as to bring to market what the best in the world has to offer. We choose to follow the Online First strategy & that helped us reach out to a Pan South East Asia market.

 What were your assumptions when you entered the market, learning that you have?
Our focus on reaching out to our target audience through the online mode helped us a great deal in enabling us to reach where we are. However, in order to grow, clients would also need to experience the collection on a first-hand basis & hence we are now focused on growing our experience centers across India.

Any other products that you retail under the Luxaire brand name?
We are proud to introduce the David Trubridge collection of original designer lights to India which also caters to the same discerning clientele. These Lights can be used at homes, restaurants, hotels, clubs & even commercial offices & showrooms.

Who do you perceive as your competition? How do you differentiate yourself from them?
While the rest of the players have adopted a mass-market product portfolio, Luxaire has focussed on offering a unique value proposition with regards to design, functionality, blade material, technology & also our very unique approach towards offering a personalized solution to our target audience which can never be emulated by anyone else.

 What kind of challenges do you face?
We have a best in class product offering with huge international warranties. Moreover, there is a growing demand for our products across India and the neighbouring countries. The only real challenge is to ensure that we are visible to our Target Clients not only in the online world but also physically present across the major cities.

What’s your current presence through all the formats?
We are present in online marketplaces such as Amazon. We also work closely with the specifier community such as architects & interior designers across the country. However, we have consciously decided to avoid being present in retail chain stores as these would undermine our premium positioning.

 How much emphasis do you give on store design and layout?
A great display of fully functional fans on the ceiling makes all the difference in helping a client decide about the product. Many stores only offer a good display without actually being able to run the product which is an incomplete experience.

 What kind of retail solution providers (lighting, fixture, mannequin, etc) do you plan to handhold with?
Channel partners who are already interacting with our target base of HNI’s & architects in the home decor segment would be the ideal choice. Moreover, they should have physical space to display at least 50 of our best sellers. This proves to be a challenge with most of the lighting stores that use the ceiling space for their display of lights.

 What are your plans for expansion?
We are looking to open 15 experience centers within the next 3 years & ensure that Luxaire is easily accessible by our customers.




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