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Rivir creating ripples in the market

Rivir creating ripples in the market

A fashion tech start-up, Rivir, which creates unique printed shoes for men and women, is creating ripples in the market, for unique designer footwear.

The company provides customized options for those who prefer their clothes and shoes to be distinct from others. From basic black and white to bike crossovers to Laxmibomb to Psychedelic and Doodle, the brand provides customized shoes in various themes. 

Ankeeta Deb, Founder and Director of Rivir, said, “We provide customization options for those who are looking out to make a distinctive identity through the clothes and footwear they wear. We are looking for funding on a large scale to acquire customers, expand to more than 50 cities in India and potential global expansion in the custom and printed shoe industry.”

Deb further added that they make designs that are unique, quirky, sourcing designs from artists. They also have a custom design option where customers can request for designs and make whatever changes they fancy for their very own unique identity. 

Rivir is an online space had more than 7000 customers last year and are targeting to double their number by 2020. While talking about the current market share, Deb said, “We made a profit of Rs 40 lakh in 2018 and are targeting to increase it to Rs 1.5 cr by the end of 2019.” 

Rivir shoes are inspired by the various facets of life, subjects of interest, ideas and inspiration, fables and fantasies. The team believes that show designs can be a lot more expressive than just making statements. Rivir shoes are already available at Amazon, Engrave, Flipkart in India.




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