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Retail Insights enters Dubai

Retail Insights enters Dubai

After successfully serving numerous companies in a variety of Indian industries, Retail Insights,
a leading Omni Channel Technology Company, is expanding to Dubai. The company is excited to
enter one of the most vibrant retail and ecommerce (or digital) markets in the world and is
confident. It will add considerable value to businesses in Dubai. Retail Insights leadership
believes its expertise will help Dubai based fashion, pure play ecommerce and grocery brands.
Leading Dubai based brands, including Noon, Landmark, Chalhoub, Lulu, Choitrams, Gulf
Trading, and SharagDG, are expected to benefit from Retail Insights expertise.
Retail Insights will help businesses in Dubai with Omni channel transformation (e/m-commerce
and point solutions development), Store Digitization (Video Walls, Kiosks etc. ). Among Gulf
Coast Countries, Dubai is one of the largest digital (e) commerce markets. The size of the
market in Dubai exceeds USD 10 billion. Retail Insights expects to use its knowledge to help
local brands adapt in a rapidly growing and competitive market. The company’s expertise in
developing integrated solutions which work seamlessly to connect digital assets and enterprise
applications. Retail Insights would leverage the partnerships with the likes of Adobe (Magento),
Salesforce Commerce, Kantar, Gogrugal and Viniculum to business in Dubai.
The company expects that its Dubai operations will contribute approximately $1 million to its
revenues within a year of commencing operations. As the e-commerce market in Dubai
continues to grow, business in the region is expected to contribute much more to the revenues.
Retail Insight poised well with expertise combination of Digital + ERPs compete with the like of
digital agencies viz. Mcfadyen, Emakina, Redbox, Born, Corra to the traditional IT service.Retail
Insights commenced operations in Dubai with large omni channel program for large grocery
Vishnu Gullipalli, CEO & Solution Advisor, Retail Insights said “Dubai is one of the most
competitive and lucrative digital markets in the world.
It has a talented workforce, world-class infrastructure,and a government that understands and
encourages business. All this is a potent mix that creates an atmosphere where business
thrives. Our nuanced understanding of digital and traditional technologies, techniques, and
methodologies will ensure we add value to Dubai based businesses and consequently, to the
city as well.




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