Home Business Post COVID-19: COD orders likely to go down

Post COVID-19: COD orders likely to go down

Post COVID-19: COD orders likely to go down

In a live poll of senior e-commerce industry professionals done in the COVID period by ClickPost, 76% of professionals said that % of Cash-on-delivery orders will go down post-COVID. This indicates a positive fundamental change in Indian e-commerce that the industry has been struggling with for a long time. 

About 81% of respondents said that e-commerce as a % of retail in India will increase by 50% (from 5% to more than 9%), driven by both increases in e-commerce sales & a decrease in offline sales.

  It further highlighted that in the medium-term consumers will spend majorly on necessities and discretionary categories such as Fashion, Travel, Hospitality etc. will take a big hit. Brands should focus primarily on moving the huge inventory they currently hold

With severe restrictions on inter-state movements, stores are becoming mini-warehouses and this increase in omnichannel adoption will continue in the long run. 

Companies will no longer block inventories for any specific channel and are ensuring that the warehouse workforce feels secure & comfortable – increased adoption of automation tool, increasing Time gaps between shifts to enable frequent warehouse sanitization and more frequent changing of air in the warehouse for employee safety

Pranshu Kacholia, Vice President (Business), Clickpost said that “Post the lockdown opens, it’ll take about a week to fulfil already ordered goods, post which the stuck shipment % should be around 5-6%, as opposed to <1% currently. This would depend a lot on the extent of partial lockdown.  We have already started to see that courier serviceability of essential goods was around 35% on 31st March and increased to 58% on 6th April, so there is a clear trend indicating things stabilizing from logistics front.







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