Home Brand Culture Phixman plans to open 400 stores globally

Phixman plans to open 400 stores globally

Phixman plans to open 400 stores globally

Phixman, smartphone and laptop repair company plans to open 400 stores globally. The company aims at solving the problems in the repairing industry with a focus on customer experience.

Shaad Rehman, Founder, Phixman

Phixman uses the latest technology available in the worldwide market, which helps them to reduce the repairing cost and required time for the service. The New-Delhi based startup that was founded in 2013.

Shaad Rehman, Founder of Phixman, said, “We have been growing since five years and are working with different brands and also adding more brands. At present, we have around 60+ stores at National level. Our role for after-sales service is that we provide warranty to products which we resell and also to the phones we repair. We provide best services at 50 % less from a new product.”

In India, refurbished mobile and other related categories are growing rapidly. Marketing capital in this category is also going higher. The refurbished mobile phones are becoming a great choice for people who can’t afford costly new mobile phones. Rehman says, “The challenges that revolve around refurbished category of electronics are that majority of people are afraid to buy these electronic items. We believe that production of refurbished phones should be properly explained to the customers so that it creates a sense of credibility towards the products. A refurbished phone is as good as the newer one and PHIXMAN gives quality service and guarantees every repair.”

According to Rehman refurbished smartphones have a long future in the market, especially in context of falling prices of a fresh arrival, he added, that these refurbished phones are as good as new and they provide guarantee and after-sale services for their products.

“A Company earns 10% commission while selling these phones and the customers get almost new phones at half the price. It is a great market and will cross billion dollars in coming six years. We recently launched a one-of-a-kind facility which enables our servicemen to go to customer’s home and repair the gadget then and there only promising the quality and timely repair in front of customers. We also provide warranty on electronics and facilities like insurance and loans for general payment,” Rehman added.

The brand aims to provide the customers with quality service and satisfaction and also provides pick-up and drop services. So far, the brand has completed two lakh orders of repair successfully. Our services are available in 20 states across India currently.

The company provides best quality service in their offline stores as well as online stores. The offline stores give the customer the same experience as their online stores only with added benefits. The brands that gain maximum traction at Phixman are JBL, Skull Candy, Sony, Samsung, Bose, Vidvie, etc.

When asked who they consider to be their competitors, Rehman stated that healthy competition motivates the company to work hard and keep track of changes in the industry. “Cashify is one of the biggest, healthy competitors. The level of competition we have is beneficial for both of us and motivates us to grow,” he said.




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