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Paving Way For India’s Artisans And Handicraft Community

Flipkart Samarth aims at connecting the Indian handicraft community with buyers all over the country

Paving Way For India’s Artisans And Handicraft Community

Flipkart recently launched a revolutionary initiative called ‘Flipkart Samarth.’ With this step, India’s leading e-commerce platform aims at connecting the country’s artisans, weavers, and handicraft producers with e-commerce marketplace and will increase the scope of their outreach. This opportunity will give these underserved communities access to a constantly growing customer base of more than 150 million across India and also empower them to leverage the benefits of the e-commerce model.

In India, the handicrafts sector is the second largest source of employment after agriculture. It is estimated that 17.79 million Indians will be involved in craft production by 2022. Craft has been the main income generating avenue for non-farming rural communities for very long. However, due to the middlemen and little or no access to customer base across India, the Indian artisans get only a very small percentage converted into income.

With Flipkart Samarth, the e-commerce journey will be supported from on-boarding until they understand the process of selling online. It will also provide a host of initiatives and benefits such as dedicated support for onboarding, cataloguing, account management, business insights, dedicated seller support, reduced commission where eligible, and warehousing support. With the help of reputed NGOs and government bodies and livelihood missions to reach a large entrepreneurs in rural areas. They will specially focus on women-led enterprises, differently-abled entrepreneurs, artisans, and weavers, who often have lack of access to working capital, poor infrastructure, and inadequate training. After thoroughly assessing the pain points and aspirations of these groups, the e-commerce marketplace designed Flipkart Samarth to address their difficulties in order to make it easier for them to list and sell their products online.

The aim of Flipkart aims to empower these artisans across India and help them in achieving financial independence and e-commerce know-how that will assist them run their businesses and derive maximum value for their work and give them access to a larger Indian market.  





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