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McDonald’s India: Future perfect


Who would have thought that stepping into a McDonald’s restaurant for a Happy Meal could mean enjoying a futuristic dining experience?

Well, McDonald’s had envisaged just that for its customers. And what’s more, in 2016, the company decided to upgrade and renovate its restaurants to provide a modern dining experience as part of its Experience of the Future (EOTF) strategy. Under this format, customers at some of its freestanding restaurants globally could order food using touchscreen kiosks, get their beverages from self-serving machines and get tableside food delivery as well.

One of the reasons that the QSR major decided to launch this next-gen restaurant concept was to speed the ordering process, make this more accurate and also give more control of this to customers. In India, considering the growing competition in the QSR business with the presence of various global and national brands, the EOTF concept would help McDonald’s reaffirm its leadership position –a position it has held on to for two decades.

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