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Lenskart: Vision for growth


In the retail business, personalization is critical, and more so in the online domain. Here, it has to extend beyond merely identifying the customer and updating them about the latest promotions and product launches. Eyewear retailer, Lenskart, realised this early in the game and decided to use technology that would enable it to adapt every aspect of its business from customer communication to product-building.

Lenskart Solutions, formerly known as Valyoo Technologies, was launched in 2010 and currently manufactures, assembles, distributes and supplies eyewear and contact lenses. Starting as an online platform, it later adopted an omnichannel strategy. It has been steadily quickening the pace of its offline presence, besides using technology to bring in a significant portion of its manufacturing and supply chain under control.

It was easier for the eyewear brand to do this, given its genesis as an online player. Talking about it, Amit Chaudhary, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Lenskart said, (2:38) “When you think of other traditional companies that used to run as brick-and-mortar outlets, for them moving to the digital turf was tougher. We took a few steps initially which were right and helped us in moving to the physical stores very rapidly. To give an example, our stores won’t work if they don’t have online connectivity, as everything is remotely connected to the Internet where every system is talking to each other. So it’s a complete, we don’t have a disjoint system ,we have been lucky that we have been into this revolution where Internet is available everywhere; whether it is through 4G or through Internet but at least Internet is there which help us connect all the system across the country. 

Since, Lenskart has over 450 stores across India, this constant connectivity helps in seamless inventory management across its online and offline channels. Irrespective where the orders are placed from across the country, they are uploaded straight on the ERP system. Given that a single factory provides all products pan-India, this technology integration has helped the company achieve better operational scale.

Watch the video to get an insight into Lenskart’s digital transformation journey. 

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