Home Business Laalsa raises USD 1 million funding

Laalsa raises USD 1 million funding

Laalsa raises USD 1 million funding

Hyderabad based food technology company, Laalsa, which has over 6000 Restaurants on-board, has raised $1 Million in funding.

Laalsa’s CEO, Suresh Redyam said, “At present, the need for alternate platforms from restaurateurs and hoteliers has become a need-of-the-hour. High dependency on food aggregators coupled with high commission-based models is leaving Restaurants in a fix, and that’s where our Food Science platform comes into the picture.” 

The company, incorporating artificial intelligence and consumer behavior analytics, provides restaurants with valuable insights and helps restaurateurs make well-informed decisions. 
“By allowing restaurants to have complete control over their affairs and customers, Laalsa aims at being an enabler rather than an aggregator,” says Suresh Redyam, CEO of Laalsa, who’s expecting over 15,000 restaurants signing up with Laalsa by the end of this year.

With the help of in-depth analysis and subscription-based models, Laalsa empowers restaurants to have utmost authority. Restaurants focus on their core activities and have direct control over their day-to-day operations without having to shell-out on higher commissions and ads.

Yumzy, Laalsa’s Food Delivery App helps consumers place orders based on superior personalizations, making it one of the few “intuitive, suggestion based” Apps in India. Another key benefit to Consumers is drawn in the form of higher discounts and better offers, as Laalsa empowers and uplifts Restaurants with no-strings attaches benefits.

“Contactless Solutions” are the contemporary solutions sought-for by Restaurants today. To equip Restaurants with a cutting-edge tool of hygiene and to uplift dining experience for Consumers, Laalsa introduced “Dinezy”. A Contactless Solution helping Restaurants maximise safety by minimising touch points for Consumers.




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