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How this startup is changing the way we eat

How this startup is changing the way we eat

NuttyFox, a healthy snack brand by Vaaya Foods, was launched in Bangalore in late October 2019. Since then, the company organically sold over 7k packs of NuttyFox. Subhashish Bharuka, Founder & CEO, NuttyFox says that the company has got really good response for the first product which is Gourmet Makhana (Foxnuts). It is selling well on Amazon and currently present at 5 POS.

Reaching the audience
“As a bootstrapped start-up, we’ve reached out to our target consumers mainly through the flea markets in Bangalore and boost was Christmas markets. We also do pop-ups are co-working spaces and continue to create touchpoints for our potential buyers. The response has been extremely motivating,” he shares.
The company is currently being selective about large retail chains because it was important to get the initial feedback and response from the healthy snackers. Now it is starting to approach a few modern trade retailers and should soon see the product listed at select stores in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune.

The market  
The healthy snacking market is pegged to grow at 6.3% CAGR between 2020-2023. There is surely a slow but promising shift from eating to healthy eating. The consumers are realising the need to buy pesticide-free foods / snacks. The market is growing at a rapid pace and currently, about 90 million affluent Indians living in urban cities are moving to healthy eating options.

“We as Indian love our desi snacks like chips, samosas, pakodas. We have a zillion oil dipped snack. But again, with the sedentary lifestyles especially in the cities, people are choosing to opt of healthy and roasted snacking options, like roasted makhana, millet-based snacks, seeds, etc. which is a positive indicator and a big opportunity for healthy snacking,” he says.

Firstly, FMCG retail is a highly competitive space to enter. However, the entry barriers are lesser as compared to the heavy-duty manufacturing industry. Looking at the growth and increasing demand for healthy snacking space, it a massive opportunity rather than a challenge. Considering the growth of healthy foods and snacking space has seen in the last 5 years, the shelf space is one of the biggest challenges as retailers have to accommodate new brands and support the efforts.

If the product and the brand are accepted by the consumers, it’s all about consistency in quality and supply chain.

Road ahead
The company is constantly working to offer the highest quality of snacking products and positive customer experience. It is no more a traditional sales economy but operating in an experience economy. That is where our maximum efforts and energies are going to go. The company plans to increase its presence across modern trade stores in Bangalore and key metros in the next 6 months.




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