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Eye2Eye Opticians: Setting a long-term vision for Sunglass Hub


Mumbai-based Amar Shah started his retail eyewear journey with Eye2Eye Opticians in 2005. Back then, he openly admits that he had limited knowledge and every lesser understanding of how the retail business operated. “But as people say business teaches you everything. It took us almost 6 to 8 months to streamline everything and then we had a better understanding of the retail industry,” recalled Amar.

Following the first outlet’s success, he started another store specialising in ophthalmic spectacles and vision care products in 2009. Six years later, he opened Sunglass Hub, which focused only on sunglasses. For his next growth phase, Amar Shah, owner of Eye2Eye tells Retail Networks that he wants to concentrate on expanding Sunglass Hub’s footprint by opening at least four more outlets within two years.

To do this, he plans to engage with like-minded franchisee partners who are willing to invest INR 25 lakh to INR 50 lakh on a store, depending on its location.




  1. Amar I am very happy to hear about you and wish you that I will see your SUNGLASS HUB frenchisee Roll Out soon.

  2. It’s been 8 months I know Amar shah and it is needless to say that he is passionate entrepreneur who believe in client satisfaction. He also has high aspiration to be one of the leading eyewear brand. We would love to see him growing. Wish you all the best Amar Shah.

  3. I know Amar – since last 2 + years and I strongly state that Amar can give all a Satisfactory transaction always . Good Collection and Good knowledge with a Personal touch – is his deadly combination .

    All the best Mr Amar Shah for your future plans – I am sure u would make it BIGG ! !

  4. Wishing you all the best and may all your dreams come true.
    Four stores may sound a small number but to conquer a mountain smaller steps are the most necessary ones.
    May you grow bigger and bigger and so does your knowledge.


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