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Custom furniture trends to look out for in 2020

Custom furniture trends to look out for in 2020

By Lokendra Ranawat, CEO of WoodenStreet

In a world where people want their way in almost everything, the terms personalization and customization have taken the centre stage. Both characterize the influence of an individual’s persona onto a commodity that they purchase. And this, in turn, has blossomed into a customer-centric consumerist economy.

But what really is customization and how much prevalent is it? Let’s take the example of a pizzeria. Now, the appeal of their ready-made and time-perfected recipes never dies, but the charm of deciding whether you want mushrooms, bell peppers or corn on your pizza is altogether different. Some even outlandishly go for pineapples. In another instance, when a store-bought clothing item hangs loose on your frame, you take the shortest route to a tailor to get it fixed.

The above two actions are but the tip of the customization iceberg. In this feature, WoodenStreet’s interior designer and consultant Heena Jain share some custom furniture trends that will lead the pack in 2020.

Of Profile & Dimensions
Let’s admit it: we’re running out of space at an alarming speed. Urban centres are jam-packed with apartments, while towns are starting to sprawl. If you live in a metropolitan city apartment, and you buy a bed that doesn’t suit your small room, would you be able to walk around? Probably no.

But customizing the dimensions of the same bed to fit the available area and leave sufficient walking space is undeniably better. This is why customizing the dimensions before buying furniture will always be hot.

The Flavours of Furniture
The greens of salads are mostly frowned upon. But toss in some colourful fruits, a dash of lemon and earthy-hued nuts and you find yourself looking at an attractive bowl. This colourful bowl not only tingles our taste-buds but also makes our mouths water. The same colour theory applies to furniture.

Colours and prints are indeed an important part of every home decor. They lend to a characteristic depth, change our perception and elevate our moods. Colours do a lot more on the psychological level, so you can count on them being prominent when it comes to customization. Just as how food looks tasty first, and tastes tasty later.

The Matter of Aesthetics
Similar to the ingredients of a dish, every material has a different characteristic appearance to lend to your home. Metals, woods, their combinations (and more) convey a different story. And then there’s the matter of how you shape them. You can even go for nature-inspired furniture with live-edge designs and a lot of similar green implementations.

Customizing the shape of a furniture gives you the power to decide the theme of your décor. Bold, minimalist, affluent, baroque, Chippendale, farmhouse, whatever be your style, go for it without a shadow of doubt. This, in turn, also breaks out from run-of-the-mill varieties so that you can play Donatello with your furniture and sculpt what you want. Just a suggestion: don’t go overboard.

The Future is Functionality
With Google Home and Alexa now responsible for many household operations, the future is clearly all about functionality. Functionality can either be mechanical, in terms of ergonomics, space-saving and utilitarian designs, or technological, in terms of remote accessibility, charging hubs and smartphone support.

One of the best examples of multifunctionality is recliners. From their days of simply allowing blissful reclination, they’ve come a long way to include USB-ports, cup holders, massage machines and extendable flaps. Multifunctional furniture is always appealing, and it supplements the first trend of Dimensions.
Let’s say, for example, you get a sofa-cum-bed that’s already two furniture in a single form.
With magazine racks, cup holders and other amenities that you can customize into this unit, you get a multifunctional masterpiece. Consider it the best of many worlds and then some.

Customization is becoming mainstream, and will soon penetrate every market, including biotechnology and medicine. With furniture, you get to create the perfect interiors, unique in this world and dear to you.




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