Home Business Bergamont opens its first concept store in India

Bergamont opens its first concept store in India

Bergamont opens its first concept store in India

German bike brand Bergamont has rolled out its first concept store ‘BERGAMONT i-Ride’ in Mumbai, towards expanding the company’s retail network across India.

“We are extremely proud to launch the first BERGAMONT i-Ride store in India which is focused on delivering a quality cycling experience. It’s conceptualized keeping in mind the changing infrastructure and growing awareness about health and fitness. A bicycle is now not only a lifestyle product but also an ideal last-mile commute. Electric mobility is a key piece of this puzzle and so we’ve also rolled out hybrid e-bikes recently”, said Jaymin
Shah, Country Manager Scott Sports India.

Bergamont India has partnered with The Cycle Worx to open its first exclusive store in Mumbai. The experiential retail format is designed to enhance the purchase experience. Based on Bergamont’s global guidelines, the store has a vibrant design and aims to be a regional cultural cycling hub.

The store will offer a wide variety of bicycles across the road, mountain, and hybrid, including the gravel and e-bikes from the Bergamont product range. It emphasizes the importance of testing a bike before purchase and will give away the bike for free if the customer isn’t offered the opportunity to test one.

On partnering with Bergamont Bicycles, Retailer Partner, Cycle Worx said, “We are honoured to be a part of the Bergamont family. Together we aim to provide a very vibrant and welcoming experience to our customers and educate them on the importance of buying the right cycle. Over the next few months, we have multiple engagement activities planned as well.”




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