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Bandai Namco expands in Mumbai

Bandai Namco expands in Mumbai

Bandai NAMCO, a world leader in indoor Amusement Park & Entertainment Centres, has
launched its second center in Mumbai at Seawoods Grand Central Mall, Navi Mumbai. With
this center, the company fills a critical vacuum of high quality and safe play zones where the
entire family can enjoy hours of leisure time. NAMCO Seawoods Grand Central is 28,782 sq
ft large, making it the biggest Indoor Amusement Park in Mumbai region.
The uniqueness for the visitors besides the sheer size is the Kids & Family Play Area “KIDS
World” where the children can play with their family. The company believes that like their
other center, this one too will be a central place of attraction for families & friends on all
Shuichi Kikuchi, President & CEO, BANDAI NAMCO India Pvt. Ltd said that Mumbai is a vast
market where customers look for sophisticated Indoor Amusement Parks that can give them
novelty and engagement. Also a complete family experience by adults, youngsters and
children alike are very satisfying for a family to visit. “We are very pleased to open our
large 28,782sqft Indoor Amusement Park at Seawoods Grand Central, Airspace and look
forward to opening many such centers in other Indian cities in the near future,” he
 Takeo Yagi, Director & COO, BANDAI NAMCO India Pvt. Ltd said, “Mumbai welcomed us
with open arms in Oct 2015 when we opened our first center. We envisaged a much bigger
& state-of-the Indoor Amusement Park for our second center.”
“The strategically located Seawoods Grand Central was the perfect choice due to its
accessibility and popularity among residents around Navi Mumbai. The center
has Amusement Game Machines, Joy-rides, Go-kart, Carnival games for kids and special
attractions for teens & above include Digital Squash, Trampolines, Basketball, Bowling, Ninja
Course a VR Driving,” he further added.




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