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Why Join Retail Networks?

A must join for all Retail stakeholders seeking engaging thought leadership content. Many media platforms have tried to meet such needs by producing more content, rather than right content. Retail Networks has been conceptualized as a platform where retail influencers will get access to pertinent content largely around best practices across retail categories and functional areas both domestic and international, which could have a bearing on their business.

Members of Retail Networks can converse with other like-minded thought leaders about the latest developments in the industry and discuss their business decisions while Suppliers across functional areas would be able to showcase their capabilities and engage the retailers.

Retail Networks follows the principle of co-creation and collaboration. Members will be encouraged to actively and creatively participate in the subject-specific content on the network.


How we started

The RN team’s experience and understanding in retail helped to identify need gaps in the Retail B2B collaboration space which have many important niches that have yet to be activated. We hence put these ideas together & a research showed that there is a big scope to help the retail stakeholders identify such benchmarks and grow business within the industry.

What we do

RN is the first of its kind focused retail B2B knowledge sharing collaborative platform that is inclusive to retail categories and functional areas while bringing up best practices that can be adopted across the industry creating a level playing field. This interactive B2B platform allows for 24x7 seamless connect and networking for the stakeholders.


How we do it

RN research team collates functional content by reaching out to industry thought leader influencers and publish best practice knowledge of how retailers and stakeholders are working together to improve customer experience, increase consumption & growth for the retail industry.

Start your journey

RN membership for now is by invite only. Please log in using your invite credentials and start interacting & sharing your views with your industry peers. You could in the absence of an invite, request for one and the RN admin will revert.



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